Politique de confidentialité


BOYAROVSKAYA takes the matter of the protection of its clients' personal data and more generally those of the users of the website boyarovskaya.com (hereinafter referred to as the « Users ») very seriously.

The present personal data policy explains how your data is used and your rights regarding your personal data.

Internet users who sign up or make and order on the website boyarovskaya.com (hereinafter referred to as the « Website ») are asked to provide personal information.



The data controller is BOYAROVSKAYA SAS with a share capital of €1100, registered in France under number 848 165 270, whose headquarters are located at 63 rue des Vinaigriers, 75010, Paris, France

hereinafter referred to as « BOYAROVSKAYA ».



BOYAROVSKAYA collects the following data: first and last names, postal addresses, birth dates, email addresses, passwords, landline and/or mobile phone numbers, connection data and browser data, order history, payment data, messages sent to the customer services and claims.

Data required for the performance of the service is indicated by an asterisk.

BOYAROVSKAYA's service providers, Stripe and PayPal, collect payment data (bank card number, name of cardholder, date of expiry, security cryptogram). At no point does this data transit on BOYAROVSKAYA's servers or computer systems.

The social media on which BOYAROVSKAYA posts content may collect internet users' data; this collection is subject to these media network's own privacy and personal data protection policies.



BOYAROVSKAYA only uses User data for the purpose of processing and improving services, delivering orders and to market and inform persons with a user account if they have agreed to receive such information or where its clients are not opposed.

To perform the service, namely the sale and delivery of products to clients, the legal grounds for processing is the performance of the contract made with the client, or in the steps preceding the conclusion of this contract (creation of a user account), the performance of necessary pre-contractual measures.

With regard to information given to users about new BOYAROVSKAYA products and services and any related events, the legal basis for processing is the legitimate interest the data controller has in proposing offers and informing its current and potential clients about its news.

The legal basis for web analytics of client and user behaviour by website usage tracks, surveys and studies, for the purposes of improving the service is the legitimate interest the data controller has in offering products and services suited to its clients' needs.

Recipients of BOYAROVSKAYA's newsletters who no longer wish to receive these may unsubscribe at any time by clicking on the link provided in each newsletter.

Data related to transactions and claims may also be kept as evidence, exclusively for the required legal term in a database archive, the legal basis for processing being a legal obligation in such cases.



As data controller, BOYAROVSKAYA shall take the necessary measures to ensure the security of the personal data collected. In particular, BOYAROVSKAYA chooses service providers that offer an appropriate level of guarantees in light of the processing and nature of the processed data.

Users' personal data is collected on secured pages via the https protocol and is the object of daily backups. Users' personal data are hosted in France or within the European Union. Any person requesting access to Users' personal data must first provide a proof of identity.



Each User has the following rights with regard to personal data collected on the Website:

  • a right to access, allowing the person to know whether or not his/her personal data are being processed, and, where that is the case, access to information about the processing (purpose, storage, source, existence of automated decision-making) and request a copy of this data;
  • a right to rectify inaccurate personal data;
  • a right to object to the processing of his/her data and to the use of this data for marketing purposes or analysing behaviour on the Website;
  • a right to limit processing under certain circumstances, namely for the analysis of a request to rectify or object to processing;
  • a right to retrieve personal data in a structured, commonly used, machine-readable format, whether for the User him/herself or for a third party that the User will have appointed beforehand.

To do so, the User must write to BOYAROVSKAYA specifying in the subject of the letter or email that it is a request for information or a claim regarding personal data and shall provide proof of receipt by BOYAROVSKAYA at its request. The User must also provide proof of identity, which must be at least a copy of his/her national identity card and a proof of address. Should he/she fail to do so, BOYAROVSKAYA reserves the right to not process the request.

The requirement of a proof of identity is needed to preserve the confidentiality of the data and to send this data to the appropriate persons.

The letter must be sent to:

Boyarovskaya SAS

63 rue des Vinaigriers, 

75010, Paris, France

BOYAROVSKAYA shall act on the User's request within one month. In the event of a complex request, BOYAROVSKAYA shall inform the User within the above period that it may only act on the request within an additional two (2) month period. If BOYAROVSKAYA refuses to act on the User's request, it shall provide its reasons for this decision.

The User may exercise his/her rights mentioned above by writing by email to: info@boyarovskaya.com

BOYAROVSKAYA is not required to respond to manifestly abusive requests.



The User has the right to express advanced directives as to what will happen to his/her personal data after his/her death.

These advanced directives may be sent to BOYAROVSKAYA by email to: info@boyarovskaya.com



Personal data is collected for BOYAROVSKAYA and its service providers and under no circumstances for the purposes of being sold. BOYAROVSKAYA's service providers are:

  • Payment service providers (Stripe);
  • The service provider that prepares and dispatches products and receives returned products;
  • The service provider in charge of managing, developing and hosting the Website, as well as email processing and client behaviour analytics services.

More widely, the recipients of personal data collected on the Website are:

  • Administrative and judicial authorities in the event of an administrative or judicial requisition in compliance with existing legislation;
  • Customs, for overseas deliveries.


Collected data is stored for the duration of and for the performance of the Services, and up to three months after a Client deactivates his/her User Account, and for a maximum three years from the last commercial relation with the User for marketing purposes.



Users are informed that the Website uses cookies. Cookies are used on the Website to improve the user experience of visitors to the Website, in particular to offer the Website in a suitable language and to hold items in the shopping cart.

These cookies, temporarily, during the time of the visit, retain email addresses and passwords that can be used to identify the User or visitor, as well as products and pages previously visited.

The cookies used other than those required to navigate the website are:

  • « Google Analytics » cookie. This is used to determine how a given user users the Website.
  • analytic cookies of social media used in connection with the Website.

Internet users who do not want cookies may change their navigation settings via the pop-up banner displayed each time they visit the website and choose which cookies they wish to deactivate. However, this may reduce certain functions of the Website, particularly as it will be harder to navigate.

If the browser is set to refuse cookies, particularly those required to perform services, certain functions of the Website will be reduced or inaccessible, such as storing items in the shopping cart.

You may customise your browser's settings as follows:

  • in Firefox: click on « Firefox/Preferences ». Click on « Privacy & Security » and choose « Never » in « Accept third-party cookies ». You can also choose to only store cookies until you close Firefox.
  • in Safari: click on « Safari/Preferences ». Click on « Privacy » and chose « Always block » under « Cookies and website data ». You can also click on « Remove all website data » when you end your navigation. You also have the option to enable a « Do not track » setting.
  • In Chrome: click on « Settings », then on « Advanced ». Select « Privacy and security » and click on « Content settings » then « Cookies ». You can choose between various options for accepting or blocking cookies.
  • In Edge: click on the « Tools » button then « Internet settings ». Click on « Privacy » then scroll down to allow all cookies and validate your choice by clicking on « OK ».


Internet users may sign up to the Website to receive a newsletter. They may unsubscribe at any time via the link provided at the bottom of each email or by sending a request to unsubscribe to BOYAROVSKAYA at:  info@boyarovskaya.com

k) Complaints with a competent supervisory authority

Users may lodge a complaint with a competent supervisory authority. In France, the supervisory authority is the French data protection authority CNIL (www.cnil.fr).