2023 Summer Issue of The Brand with an Unpronounceable name

Discover the essence of architectural inspiration, minimalistic lines, and contemporary allure in our Spring Summer 2023 collection. Drawing influence from the world of architecture, this collection embodies strict elegance, undeniable sensuality, and unyielding strength.

Our journey into this collection was sparked by the fascination of travel and the exploration of diverse cultures. As we embarked on a quest for sustainable materials, destiny led us to an unforeseen treasure – a Tamburo craftsman, nestled in a serene Sicilian mountaintop town. His meticulous artistry, reminiscent of bygone eras, captivated our souls.

Immersed in his craft, we found inspiration to infuse the essence of Tamburo into our designs. Just as the musical instrument demands perfection, our pieces echo that same devotion. Every stitch and contour resonates with the precision of a musical note. In much the same way that Tamburo requires flawless skins for its resonance, our designs demand exactitude to create the perfect silhouette.

Our commitment to sustainability extends beyond inspiration. Unsuitable skins, unsuited for crafting Tamburo, find new life as the fabric for our "Tamburo trench." Recycling at its finest, these skins transformed into a striking new garment that exudes sustainability and style.

Step into a realm of architectural splendor and modern sophistication. Embark on an exploration of our Spring Summer 2023 collection now. Visit our shop to embrace the harmonious blend of lines, minimalism, and resilience, all ignited by the modest magic of Tamburo.